SJAccess Temporary Update Page

Please read important information before proceeding.

Due to increasing and ongoing threats of Cyber security, we are implementing new standard security measures (MFA) in order to access Epic. Starting June 22, 2021 SJAccess will be replaced with Trinity Connect.

Please read the instructions below, there have been some recent changes made to the regsitration process.


Step 1

To facilitate this transition everyone has been assigned a UPN.

To look up your UPN as well as begin your initial MFA registration, you will need to be signed into SJAccess and select the Find My UPN as well as the "Trinity MFA Registration" links.

Step 2

Click here to download the instruction sheet.

Click here to log into Trinity-Connect.

Please note that you can replace any previous favorites or bookmarks that you had with this new link for future access.

If you need assistance with your connection and/or set up, please contact the Help Desk at 315.448.5607.